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Don’t worry, your cake will only be stirred, not shaken.
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About Leila Shook

Leila was born in the Lower Mainland and attended school in Surrey. She works full time as a Dental Assistant specializing in orthodontics and loves to work with young children. In her spare time Leila has taught herself to design fun and festive cakes and cupcakes for everything from weddings to small family parties. She loves to watch cake designing programs on television to give her ideas and tricks and often convinces her husband to join her. Leila pays attention to every detail to make each cake unique for each person. So let us know what you want because Leila loves to play!

Procure your very own amazing, wonderous, stupendous, mindblowingly astounding cake creation. Now.

All orders can be delivered in the Lower Mainland for a small fee to cover transportation costs. If you need to cancel an order is not a problem; however, you need to cancel your order no later than 7 days before the cake is due to avoid losing your deposit. A deposit will be necessary to begin a cake and can be paid by cheque or cash. All the details about your future cake will be discussed at length to ensure you get the best possible product. Please complete the section below if you wish to begin creating and let's have fun!